Social responsibility

  • Project Moreros
  • Closing the circle/cycle of plastic
  • Provider extended responsibility

Support programs

  • Purchase agreements with guarantee of fixed prices, contributing to the permanence of the farmers in their lands.
  • Programs for the technical education of crops, traceability and environmental impact.
  • Encourage the sow of lawful crops with the commitment of buying the harvest, motivating the legality of the countryside.
  • Incentives of association for the crops, storage and commercialization.

Solar Panels

Reduction of the carbon footprint throughout the use of renewable energies (EPM green energy and solar energy). The Empresas Públicas de Medellin (EPM) certifies Agrofrut in the use of green energy. 100% of the electric energy consumed comes from renewable energies.

  • 1.260 sola panel installed
  • 23% savings of conventional energy
  • Generation of 503484 kwh/year of photovoltaic energy