C.I. Agrofrut S.A.S. is a company that for over 30 years has been the leading agroindustry in tropical and exotic fruits processing. Our main product line focus on natural fruit pulps, in packaging intended for the chains of food service, retail and the hospitality industry in all the national territory and in more than 12 countries with our brands CANOA and CASA LOMA and more of 15 private labels.

Storage (Megafin)

MEGAFIN is our storage center and logistics ally for frozen, cooled and room temperature products; it’s one of the largest logistics centers of the andean area with a storage capacity of 8000 tons for frozen and cooled product and over 3000 tons for room temperature products.


We are one of the six companies selected by the American embassy via the U.S. department of agriculture USDA -FAS (Foreign Agricultural Service) for consulting and implementation of the FSMA law (Food Safety Modernization Act).

Integral management policy

In C.I. Agrofrut S.A.S. we transform and commercialize fruits, vegetables, tubers and cereals fulfilling the legal requirements and applicable laws. We work based on preventive analysis and risk management, looking for the improvement, the continuity of the business and the wellbeing of all parties involved, creating culture and commitment through management systems.


Guaranteeing the quality and safety of our products and the satisfaction of our customers.


Seeking that the operations won’t be used with illicit purposes and avoiding corruption a bribe activities.


Generating strategies for the preservation of the environment from clean production and sustainable consumption, with the purpose of manage the significant aspects and impacts derived of the operation.


Controlling the accidents and occupational diseases occurrence, creating healthy and safe work environment.